Gods & Monsters E-book One particular The human race stands on the brink of extinction the consequence of a plague the likes of which the planet has never ever observed. When salvation comes, it isn’t a wonder remedy created by science or our govt that will save us. No, our saviors are monsters. Jane appears to be…

American Gods

ISBN 10 : 1472245547
ISBN 13 : 9781472245540

American Gods, the extraordinary, highly acclaimed epic novel from storytelling genius and international bestseller Neil Gaiman, comes vividly to life this May in the hottest major..

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Greek Gods Abroad

ISBN 10 : 9780520967250
ISBN 13 : 0520967259

From even before the time of Alexander the Great, the Greek gods spread throughout the Mediterranean, carried by settlers and largely adopted by the indigenous populations. By the ..

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The Goddesses And Gods Of Old Europe 6500 3500 B C

ISBN 10 : 0520253981
ISBN 13 : 9780520253988

"A magnificent study."--Joseph Campbell "This splendidly illustrated book brings together an archeological documentation hardly to be found elsewhere."--Mircea Eliade..

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Gods Of Love And Ecstasy

ISBN 10 : 0892813741
ISBN 13 : 9780892813742

Dani鬯u examines the earliest traditions of the Hindu and Greek gods of magical power, ecstatic sexuality, and transcendence...

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Of Gods And Books

ISBN 10 : 9783110478815
ISBN 13 : 3110478811

India has been the homeland of diverse manuscript traditions that do not cease to impress scholars for their imposing size and complexity. Nevertheless, many topics concerning the ..

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The Myths And Gods Of India

ISBN 10 : 0892813547
ISBN 13 : 9780892813544

Examines the significance of the most prominent Hindu deities and discusses the philosophy of polytheism and the representation and worship of the deities..

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Heroes Gods And Monsters Of The Greek Myths

ISBN 10 : 9780553259209
ISBN 13 : 0553259202

Provides retellings of the ancient Greek myths, arranged in four sections: the Gods, Nature Myths, Demigods, and Fables and includes a brief section on words from the Greek myths w..

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Roman Gods

ISBN 10 : 9789004175037
ISBN 13 : 9004175032

The book is concerned with the question of how the concept of "god" in urban Rome can be analyzed along the lines of six constituent concepts, i.e. space, time, personnel, function..

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Photos Of The Gods

ISBN 10 : 1861891849
ISBN 13 : 9781861891846

Drawing on years of archival research, interviews with artists and publishers, and the ethnographic study of their rural consumers, Christopher Pinney traces the intimate connectio..

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